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Local Tennis: TenBroeck receives recognition for Arthur Ashe essay

by Bill Welch

A few months ago, James TenBroeck entered an essay contest conducted by the United States Tennis Association’s National Junior Tennis League.

The local chapter of this organization is headed by JoJo Townsell.

TenBroeck’s 300-words-or-less essay was on the former tennis great, Arthur Ashe. The topic: “Why is Arthur Ashe a Sports Legend?”

The late Arthur Ashe had many creditable facets to his personality.

TenBroeck wrote, “I think Arthur Ashe is a sports legend because he was so good at tennis and because of the way he acted on and off the court. My parents and tennis coach say he should be one of the people I should try to be like.”

In another portion of his essay, TenBroeck wrote: “He lived his whole life trying to help people. He did this because he wanted the world to be a better place to live and he showed people how they can be better people by his example.”

In his 10-and-under age division, TenBroeck was the Nor Cal Sectional winner. His essay was submitted to the national committee but was not selected to win one of the free trips to watch the U.S. Open in New York.

JoJo Townsell is another person who has a lot of admiration for Arthur Ashe.

Other than his athletic ability, Townsell mentions that Arthur Ashe was a big advocate of and instrumental in helping to establish the NCAA academic standards that require athletes to maintain an acceptable grade point average to be eligible to compete in collegiate sports.

Townsell also said that Arthur Ashe has been given the USTA’s highest honor, that of having the center court at the U.S. Open named after him — Arthur Ashe Stadium.

With the winning of this award and the way in which TenBroeck is excelling in tennis, no one could dispute that he is off to a blazing start in his hoped-for tennis career.

Last weekend, TenBroeck competed in the USTA national championships in Austin, Texas, for the top 16 players among 8-year-olds in the nation. He received the No. 2 seed in his bracket.