Holiday fishing report |

Holiday fishing report

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers.

Welcome to winter weather. Ice fishing is just around the corner, but not yet. Check out the reports below for different lakes. One thing to think about though is renewing your California fishing license. As of January 1, you will need to get a 2006 sport fishing license.

For Nevadans, your license is good until the end of February. Which means if you are going to fish Topaz on opening day, Nevadans are good for the day. But Californians, you need to get a new one.

The fees have gone up again this year. Residents for the year $34.90, non-residents for the year $94, second-rod stamp $10.75, one-day $11.30, two-day $17.60, 10-day $34.90.

These prices take effect Jan. 1 2006. Special note: you can go to your favorite sporting goods dealer and purchase a new license for a friend for Christmas. Nevada is different, you can only purchase your own license. But most stores have gift certificates, so that will work too. In talking to Jack at the Sportsman in South Lake Tahoe. They are ready for the new year as far as California sport fishing licenses. As far as fishing reports, not much is happening in our area. But I do have a few reports for you.

LAKE TAHOE: Gene St. Denis reports action is great one day and slow the next. Best areas have been Logan Shoals to Camp Richardson, or Zephyr Cove to Dead Man’s Point, toppling No. 9 to No. 11 rapalas or rebels in 20 to 40 feet of water.

Last week, Gene caught a 7- and a 9-1/2-pound brown. Also 6- to 7-inch bomber long A lures in a rainbow pattern have been productive. Mackinaw action has been the same. Best area has been the Camp Richardson shelf to the Ski Run shelf in 160 to 250 feet of water, using dodgers and a minnow. Jigging has been fair in this area, using a 2-ounce white squid or a white krippled herring with a live minnow. Last week, Gene’s biggest mac was 15-1/2 pounds. For more information call Blue Ribbon charters at (530) 544-6552.

CAPLES LAKE: Last week many of you saw a photo of an ice skater in the lake. Warning: this time of year the ice is ever changing and is very unstable. I spoke with CDFG law inforcement which patrols the area. In their words, right now is extremely dangerous, as of last weekend the lake had thawed in many parts and you could see the blue water out in the middle. In my words, please give it a little more time. We have all winter to enjoy the high country and the pleasures it has to offer.

RED LAKE: As of last weekend there was 2-inches of ice on the entire lake. Definitely not thick enough. Myself and a couple of friends check the conditions on these waters often. I will let you know when it is safe. We need at least 8 to 10 inches of ice to be safe. Not just for stability, but by the time the lake has frozen and thawed that many times the structure will be more sound.

INDIAN CREEK RES: The lake is still weedy but fishable. Many of the cutthroat that had to be put in from Heenan last year are now showing up all over. These were the fish that usually destined for Red Lake, but the lake was frozen last year so they all went to Indian Creek. They range 2 to 5 pounds

PYRAMID LAKE: Joe Winchester from Reno caught and released a 30-inch estimated 10 pound cutthroat on a fly at the nets. Most have been going out to get two fish and go home to warm up. It has been very chily at Pyramid lake the last couple of weeks.

WALKER LAKE: As reported, not many boaters on the lake last week. But shore anglers have been doing fair using No. 2 torpedo spoons in a rainbow pattern. Mainly on the extreme north end or by the cliffs.

TOPAZ LAKE: In talking to Chuck Fields of the Topaz Marina, the water is still on the ramp and will be ready for opening day. My next column will be Dec. 30 to give you all the low down on the Topaz Derby this year. Happy Holidays to you all and to all a big fish.

n Doug Busey is The Record-Courier’s fishing columnist.