Good fishing up at Caples Lake |

Good fishing up at Caples Lake

by Doug Busey

Hello, fellow anglers. The temps are back up and the bite has been good most everywhere. Over the last week or so, I have received at least a dozen reports from anglers catching good-sized fish at Caples Lake. Rick Alcartado from Rio Vista, Calif., caught a nice 10-pound brown trout trolling near the dam. Sallie Clampitt from Fallon was strolling near Emigrant Bay and caught a 2.5-pound brown trout. The bite has been all over the lake from Emigrant Bay to Woods Creek to fishing right off the dam. But I have to be honest, Renee and I ventured up there last Monday with good friends. We fished off the dam and over by the spillway area and got two bites all day. Now Mike Harris from Placerville fished the dam two days later and caught two 2-pound rainbows on green powerbait. I have seen the photos and verified these were not fish stories. The only sad story is my own. We will be going back real soon to redeem ourselves, but I think we will take the boat this time. I would recommend if you hike into Woods Creek, to take the high road (or path) across the bridge. The lake level is high and the access to shore areas is very limited. Other areas have also been doing well.

LAKE TAHOE: The mackinaw bite has been good. Gene reported many good days of limits up to 6 pounds, with the exception of a few 7-12-pound fish. For the mac’s best areas have been the Tahoe City shelf or Sugarpine Point. Last week Gene picked up a 22-pound mackinaw and a 11.6-pound rainbow trolling a dodger and a live minnow in the Camp Richardson area. For more info call Blue Ribbon Charters at 530-544-6552.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake is full and both boat launches are open. The resort has boat and kayak rentals for those that wish to venture out. The lake is full of fry (small fish) all around the shore. For more info call the Caples Lake resort at 209-258-8888.

WOODS LAKE: This lake offers a campground right at the lake, plenty of hiking trails to lead you to other lakes, such as Frog and Winnemucca lakes. Small rainbow trout is what you will catch. Fishing has been rated as slow.

RED LAKE: I have heard many stories of how the lake got its name. One is because of the image of the lake reflecting from the mountain that surrounds it. Another is because of the early settlers that named it after Red Peak. When you drive by the lake you may come up with the name we came up with. Green Lake, as in the summer the algae bloom is really thick giving it that frog green color. I have not received any reports lately, nor have I fished it since the ice has come off.

BLUE LAKES: The lake level is up and the campground is open. Fishing has been fair. I spoke to an angler at Caples Lake that said he did well off the dam with worms. The lake is scheduled to be planted this week by the CDFG.

TAYLOR CREEK, UPPER TRUCKEE RIVER,TROUT CREEK: Open to fishing July 1. I would recommend fly fishing with a barbless hook or small spinners with a single barbless hook. I say this: promote catch and release. The fish that swim these areas are native Tahoe trout. If you want to catch your dinner, I suggest the Carson rivers as they are heavily planted on and almost weekly basis. This is how we can preserve our wild trout.

BURNSIDE LAKE: The road is open with no controls, except to stay on designated roads. The lake is scheduled to be planted this week by the CDFG.

CARSON RIVERS ALPINE COUNTY: The rivers were planted last week by the Alpine County Fish Commission. This week they are scheduled to be planted by the CDFG. Anglers have had best luck on the East Carson. The flows are higher and have been holding more layovers. A small tip, get out and away from the planting areas. Walk the river up and down stream. When you expect to catch planters and have no luck in the same hole every trip, it is time to venture. Small spinners are my favorite to fish the rivers this time of year. Salmon eggs and powerbait is also productive. Chad from the resort told me one of the guests there caught a nice limit of catchable trout and a few 2 to 3 pound trout. For more info call The Carson River Resort at 530-694-2229.

INDIAN CREEK RES: The lake level is still high. The boat ramp is very accessible near the campground. Shore fishing has been fair, Another tip; if you don’t get a bite where you are, move 20 feet to one side or the other, Change the color of powerbait. This lake changes faster than I change my socks. Fly anglers have been using wooly buggers and damsel flys. The blue damsel hatch is coming off pretty good now.

TODD’S TACKLE SHOP REPORT: Todd has been taking customers out on the Carson River and Silver Creek. He has been having success with a red bodied copper jon, prince nymphs or a golden stone fly For more info call Creekside Lodge at (530) 694-2511.

TOPAZ LAKE: Anglers trolling have been having to work hard and long to get a couple fish. They have been deep in the middle of the lake or close to the rivers inlet. Flashers and a dick slammer in a rainbow pattern has been working. Or just flashers and worms. I have not received any reports on the bass action lately. For more information call Topaz Marina at 702-266-3550.

In closing I ask all to remember it was one year ago July 21 2012 we lost a beautiful person. In memory of Linda Fields I ask all to wear pink in her memory. I will be wearing the pink wristband I received at her celebration of life.

I hope your next adventure is a good one, if you get a photo of your catch send it to If you have a question in our local fishing world call the Naw line at (775) 267-9722. Good fishing and tight lines.