Giving thanks for firefighters |

Giving thanks for firefighters

Hello fellow anglers. I would like to say to all the firefighters on the Washington fire: Thank you for saving Markleeville and the outlying community of Alpine County.

On Sunday I took a drive up to the Wolf Creek area. The fire hit and missed all along the east fork of the Carson River. Most of the river area was untouched by the fire, although there were a few areas that had burned down to the river’s edge.

The Wolf Creek area was hit hard, but Silver Creek campground survived. As of Wednesday, Monitor and Ebbetts passes have reopened.

I do warn you ahead of time to bring some tissues, as you view what a forest fire can do to our lands and our wildlife. And that is a reminder of why campfires are only allowed in designated camp areas. Yes, this fire was started by lightning, but it started as a small smothering ember smaller than a campfire and grew to 17,000 acres.

We only need to use common sense whenever we are outdoors. A tossed cigarette, a broken bottle, driving over dry grasses with our vehicles can start a fire just as easy. Our lands are for everyone to use, and it is our job to protect it as we enjoy it.

Last year, we went to Indian Creek Campground and stayed in a spot that had been vacant for two days. I gathered some pine cones for a campfire that evening, placed them in the cleaned campfire ring for use later that evening. When I came back 15 minutes later, Renee asked why I started the campfire so early in the day. I replied I had not, and asked where the pine cones were. They had self ignited with embers that had been laying in the fire ring from two days before. Lesson learned: Never use dirt on a campfire, always douse with water until it is completely out, and then put some more water on it.

But I am here to say Alpine County is fully open and ready for a great Fourth of July weekend. So, let’s all enjoy and get ready for some awesome fishing. Here is your local fishing report

LAKE TAHOE: Mackinaw action has been good. Tahoe Sportfishing has been bringing in limits of average sized mac’s from 3-7 pounds. The best areas have been on the north shore off the Tahoe shelf. Some kokanee have been coming in around the Camp Richardson area. For information call 530-541-5448.

TAYLOR CREEK, UPPER TRUCKEE RIVER TROUT CREEK: Opened for fishing on Wednesday. As a rule, I practice catch and release when fishing these areas. They are not stocked by the state, they are the natural fish resource for Lake Tahoe. Use Roostertail and leave the salmon eggs and worms at home.

CAPLES LAKE: The water level is one foot from being full. The fishing has been great from a boat as well as from shore. Ken Salvi caught a 5-pound mackinaw trolling flashers and a night crawler by the dam. Matt Nolan was using a jig by the dam and caught a 5-pound rainbow. Anglers have been doing well off shore by Woods Creek and the spillway area. Six-year-old Caitlynn Shaw caught a 5-pound rainbow with green Powerbait. Caples Lake Marina and General Store are open for launching and rental boats. Call 209-258-8888 for information.

WOODS LAKE: Campground is open and the lake was planted recently by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

BLUE LAKES: Both lakes have been planted recently with rainbow trout. The campground is open and will fill up quickly.

BURNSIDE LAKE: Planted recently with rainbow trout.

WEST CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: Water level is getting low. California Fish and Wildlife planted this week, as will Alpine County Fish and Game. Most anglers have been using salmon eggs through Woodfords Canyon. Call Creekside Inn Lodge at 530-694-2511 for information.

EAST FORK CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: The flow is still good and the water has cleared up. The California Fish and Wildlife is scheduled to plant this week as will the Alpine County Fish and Game. Salmon eggs or salmon peach Powerbait have been productive. Small spinners have also been working well. For more information call the Carson River Resort at 530-694-2229. If you stop by with your catch, ask them to take your photo for the Carson River Resort book of fame. Also, take your time as CalTrans is repaving Highway 89 and Highway 4 from Woodfords through Markleeville and over Ebbetts Pass. There may be some delays as you venture to your favorite fishing hole.

MARKLEEVILLE CREEK, SILVER CREEK: Water levels have been very low, but for those that are willing to get wet and walk a little. There are still some nice fish in these areas.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The campground was scheduled to reopen on Thursday at 10 a.m. The California Fish and Wildlife planted the lake with rainbow trout. Alpine County has planted the lake with one-half to 6-pound rainbow trout. The weeds have taken over the west shore of the lake and are moving to the east side. Powerbait has been very productive for those that use a 3-foot leader on sliding weight. Fly fishing has become very productive using a olive wooly bugger right under the surface of the water and over the weedy areas.

I hope you have a safe and memorable weekend. I will be around most areas this weekend fishing with friends. I hope to see you on the waters. If you get a photo of your catch send it to or if you have any questions in our local fishing area call the Naw Line at 267-9722. Good fishin’ and tight lines.