Girls’ Soccer: Douglas season statistics through Oct. 15 |

Girls’ Soccer: Douglas season statistics through Oct. 15

Staff Reports

18-0-0 overall, 13-0-0 Northern 4A, 6-0-0 vs. Sierra League, 7-0-0 vs. High Desert. 6-0-0 home, 7-0-0 away, 5-0-0 neutral, 16-0-0 vs. Northern Nevada teams.

Goals for: 70

Goals against: 7


Alexis VonSchottenstein 16

Tia Lyons 13 (62 career)

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Lexie Weaver 10 (22 career)

Katie Dry 8 (46 career)

Cora Moody 7

Gabriela Vega 4

Brianna Randall 3

Shannon Prinz 2

Kassidy Freitas 1

April Hoogendijk 1

Holly Downer 2 (16 career)

Camry Varble 1

Caitlyn Jones 1


Lexie Weaver 7

Katie Dry 8 (34 career)

Tia Lyons 5 (31 career)

Lexi VonSchottenstein 6

Holly Downer 3

Cora Moody 3

Bri Randall 2

Camry Varble 2

Kassidy Freitas 1

Hannah Coverley 1

Gabby Vega 1


Brianna Randall 6 (29 solo, 44 total)

Randall/Millett 4

Corynne Millet 3 (7 total)


Brianna Randall 44 (399 career)

Corynne Millett 12

Aug. 26: DOUGLAS 3, RENO 1 at Howell Memorial Tournament

D – Lyons, Dry assist

D – Reno own goal

D – Dry, assist Randall

Saves: Millett 1.

Aug. 26: DOUGLAS 1, PAHRUMP 0 at Howell Memorial Tournament

D – Weaver, unassisted.

Saves: Randall 3.

Aug. 27: DOUGLAS 1, MANOGUE 0 at Howell Memorial Tournament

D – Weaver, unassisted.

Saves: Randall 1, Millet 2.

Aug. 27: DOUGLAS 2, McQUEEN 0 at Howell Memorial Tournament

D – Weaver, unassisted.

D – VonSchotenstein, unassisted.

Saves: (No shots on goal)

Aug. 27: DOUGLAS 1, GALENA 0 at Howell Memorial Tournament (Championship)

D – Downer, unassisted

Saves: (No shots on goal)

Aug. 30: DOUGLAS 2, REED 0 at Reed

D – VonSchottenstein, assist Weaver, 7th minute

D – VonSchottenstein, assist Weaver, 39th minute

Saves: Randall 4.

Sept. 6: DOUGLAS 9, NORTH VALLEYS 2 at Douglas

Kaitlyn Dry, unassisted 3rd minute

Tia Lyons, unassisted 4th minute

Lexi VonSchottenstein, assist Holly Downer, 11th minute

North Valleys Alex Owen, unassisted, 19th minute

Lexie Weaver, assist Dry, 39th minute

Lyons, assist Cora Moody, 58th minute

Weaver, assist Dry, 59th minute

Lyons, assist Dry, 74th minute

Brianna Randall, unassisted 74th minute

Gabriela Vega, unassisted 78th minute

North Valleys Marissa Squire, PK, 80th minute

Saves: Brianna Randall had 2 saves; Corryne Millett had 1 save. Sara Mustang had 4 saves for North Valleys

Records: Douglas 7-0 overall, 2-0 in league

Sept. 10: DOUGLAS 3, WOOSTER 0 at Wooster

D – VonSchottenstein, assist Dry, 56th min.

D – VonSchottenstein, assist Lyons, 60th min.

D – VonSchottenstein, unassisted, 78th min.

Saves: Millett 2.

Sept. 13: DOUGLAS 2, CARSON 0 at Douglas

D – Moody, assist Lyons, 2nd minute

D – Dry, unassisted, 22nd minute

Saves: Randall 4.

Sept. 17: DOUGLAS 4, McQUEEN 2 at McQueen

Douglas: Tia Lyons 12th minute, unassisted

McQueen: Renee Palermo 17th minute, unassisted

Douglas: Lexi VonSchottenstein 20th minute, Lyons assist

Douglas: Lexie Weaver 39th minute, VonSchottenstein assist

Douglas: VonSchottenstein 40th minute, Weaver assist

McQueen: Emma McGinnis 70th minute, unassisted

Saves: Brianna Randall, Douglas, 1

Christina Farman, McQueen, 12

Sept. 20: DOUGLAS 4, MANOGUE 1 at Douglas

D: Shannon Prinz, unassisted 18th minute

D: Kaitlyn Dry, Lexie Weaver assist, 31st minute

M: Gabby Rinaldi, unassisted 46th minute

D: Lexie Weaver, Lexi VonSchottenstein assist, 55th minute

D: Tia Lyons, Holly Downer assist, 77th minute


D: Brianna Randall 8

M: Wynn 5, Aidan 5

Sept. 24: DOUGLAS 3, GALENA 1 at Galena

D: Weaver, assist Downer, fourth minute

D: Freitas, unassisted, 20th minute

D: VonSchottenstein, assist Weaver, 46th minute

G: Domi Dufur, 50th minute

Saves: Brianna Randall 5. Galena: Kline 3.

Record: Douglas 12-0, 7-0 league

Sept. 27: DOUGLAS 13, HUG 0 at Hug

Alexis VonSchottenstein, assist Cora Moody, 4th minute

Moody (PK), 14th minute

VonSchottenstein, assist Lexie Weaver, 22nd minute

VonSchottenstein, assist Camry Varble, 26th minute

Tia Lyons, assist Kaitlyn Dry, 31st minute

Dry, unassisted, 36th minute

Lyons, assist VonSchottenstein, 39th minute

April Hoogendyk, unassisted, 47th minute

Shannon Prinz, assist Lyons, 56th minute

VonSchottenstein, unassisted, 61st minute

Lyons, assist Weaver, 62nd minute

Gabriella Vega, assist Moody, 70th minute

Lyons, assist Kassidy Freitas, 73rd minute

Saves: Millett 2.

Oct. 1: DOUGLAS 1, DAMONTE RANCH 0 at Damonte Ranch

D – Vega, unassisted, 60th minute

Saves: Randall 5.

Oct. 4: DOUGLAS 10, WOOSTER 0 at Douglas

Cora Moody, assist Alexis VonSchottenstein, 10th minute

Moody, assist Tia Lyons, 27th minute

Moody, unassisted, 31st minute

Brianna Randall, unassisted, 35th minute

Gabriella Vega, assist VonSchottenstein, 44th minute

VonSchottenstein, assist Kaitlyn Dry, 55th minute

Lexie Weaver, assist VonSchottenstein, 56th minute

Dry (PK), 60th minute

Weaver, unassisted, 61st minute

Camry Varble, assist Hannah Coverly, 78th minute

Saves: Douglas: Corryne Millett 2 (and the shutout); Wooster: Linda Stevenson 15

Oct. 8: DOUGLAS 4, SPANISH SPRINGS 0 at Douglas

Dry, assist Randall, 14th minute

Moody, unassisted, 15th minute

Lyons, assist Varble, 29th minute

VonSchottenstein, assist Dry, 32nd minute

Saves: Douglas: Randall 2 (and the shutout); Spanish Springs: Krutsinger 5

Oct. 11: DOUGLAS 2, CARSON 0 at Carson

D – Weaver unassisted, 6th minute

D – Lyons, assist Vega, 56th minute

Saves: Randall 8.

Oct. 15: DOUGLAS 6, RENO 0 at Douglas

Kaitlyn Dry, unassisted 4th minute

Tia Lyons, assist Cora Moody, 47th minute

Moody, unassisted 49th minute

Caitlyn Jones (PK), 51st minute

Brianna Randall, unassisted 73rd minute

Holly Downer, unassisted 79th minute

Saves: Douglas: Brianna Randall 2; Corryne Millette 2; Reno: Claire DiAngeli 6