Genoa Lakes deals with water hazard |

Genoa Lakes deals with water hazard

Mother Nature — and the record-setting winter of 2016-17 — are still creating some hazards for the Genoa Lakes Golf Club’s Lakes Course.

Closed for more than a week due to the rising water of the Carson River, the back nine holes of the Lakes Course reopened on Wednesday, according to Chris Detsch, head golf professional at The Ranch Course at Genoa Lakes. He added that the potential for another closure of the back nine continues to exist.

“We’re just going to keep our fingers crossed and see what happens,” Detsch said on Friday morning. “Mother Nature has had her way with us. We’ve had all this snow and rain, and then when the sun comes out and it warms up, we get a big runoff. There just hasn’t been any happy medium.”

Detsch explained that four different pumps have been used around the clock in attempt to clear water off the course.

The Ranch Course at Genoa Lakes, located to the north and on higher ground, is still at full operation.

The Lakes Course was closed over the winter between December and April 8 due to two separate floods.

“The golf course itself survived nicely and is actually going to thrive with all the extra water and different things,” Detsch said in an April interview. “But the infrastructure on the golf course got hurt. That is all recovering nicely. They’ve fixed all the bunkers and they are getting everything going.”