Douglas setter puts Virginia Tech signing on hold |

Douglas setter puts Virginia Tech signing on hold

Talyn Jackson

Talyn Jackson seemingly had her immediate future mapped out back in the fall.

She planned to graduate from Douglas High School one year early and pursue volleyball at Virginia Tech University. She wanted to make it official with a letter-signing ceremony while seated next to her good friend, Isabelle Peterson.

Oh, how circumstances have changed as a result of injuries Jackson sustained after she was involved in an automobile accident in mid-December. Her plans actually changed in a moment on an early morning trip to club practice in Reno when, in heavy rain, the car hydro-planed on the land bridge portion of I-580 just north of Washoe Valley.

“We didn’t realize the full impact of her injury and how it affected her until several weeks later,” said Mark Jackson, Talyn’s father and Douglas County District Attorney. “About three weeks after the accident, she started experiencing some severe symptoms that increased in frequency, duration and intensity in January and February. Her injuries were very debilitating and she was unable to function in any capacity for several weeks as the dizziness, vertigo and severe migraines caused her to be bedridden.”

“Our No. 1 concern is to get her healthy. She’s doing better now.”

Jackson realizes fate could have been much more cruel, though. Instead, if all goes according to plan, she can look forward to playing one more season for the Tigers before moving on to Virginia Tech.

“I’m excited to have a chance to come back,” said Jackson, a three-year starting varsity setter. “The last three years, we’ve done really well and I’m happy to have an opportunity to be back for a fourth. I feel like if we work hard, we’ll definitely have a chance to win the regional title.”

Jackson was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and trauma to her cerebellum from the accident, he added.

“She’s missed a significant amount of time at school, so it’s been quite a difficult road for us in trying to determine exactly what happened with the accident and her diagnosis and prognosis,” Mark Jackson said. “She still experiences some dizziness and some unsteadiness at times, so she hasn’t been able to play in her club volleyball season.  All of the teachers and administrators at Douglas High School have been amazing and supportive throughout this semester.”

She still expects to pursue that future at Virginia Tech.

“We were concerned because there was a coaching change at Virginia Tech right when this was all going on,” Mark Jackson said. “It was very emotional when we had to reach out to the new coach for what we thought was going to be to de-commit. But the new coach said he is 100 percent committed to Talyn and they just want her to get healthy. So we’re hoping she will be healthy by this summer and get back on track so she will return for the fall semester, and we’re looking at her going to Virginia Tech in January.”

Peterson will be rooting for her friend from across the country this coming fall.

“Talyn is one of my best friends,” Peterson said. “She’s amazing; hands down one of the best setters I’ve ever seen, and she can hit really well, too. Just her fundamentals are amazing. It definitely helps having a perfect set every time.”