Douglas High track project gets another boost |

Douglas High track project gets another boost

by Joey Crandall

The long-anticipated Douglas High School all-weather track project, scheduled for a ground breaking in March, got pleasantly unexpected boost in the form of a generous anonymous donation.

“A gentleman just walked in the front door of the high school and wrote us a check for $10,000,” said Douglas cross country coach Keith Cole, who has spearheaded the fundraising effort for the last six years. “He heard we were trying to raise some money and was kind enough to give us a big boost.”

The check marked the largest single donation to the project since planning started more than 10 years ago.

Douglas has raised about $110,000 toward the track. In the spring of 2004, the Douglas County School District committed $200,000 to the project and in August, the district committed the funds to pay whatever part of the remaining cost the school can not raise.

Cole said he is still in the process of writing grants to help offset the cost.

“The general mood around here, especially with the kids, is very excited,” Cole said. “Some of the seniors who have been with me for three or four years now are giving me a hard time about just missing it by one year, but everyone is very happy.

“This will be a very good facility, obviously something that’s been in the works for a long time.”

The track is expected to be completed by August.

“It’s beginning to come to fruition,” Cole said. “It’s almost a little hard to believe. This $10,000 donation is a huge step toward getting this done. We are very thankful to this man and his family.”

Anyone interested in contributing to the project can contact Cole at the high school at 782-5136.

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