Dolfins make splash at their own meet |

Dolfins make splash at their own meet

by Gina Hames

The Douglas Dolfins hosted their first swim meet of 2001, the St. Valentine’s Day invitational, last weekend at the Carson Valley Swim Center.

Four hundred swimmers from Northern Nevada and California were entered, but the big snowstorm prevented at least 30 from arriving. Those who braved the storm had a great time in our very tropical-feeling aquatic facility!

The Dolfins have five levels through which the swimmers pass, acquiring new skills along the way. The White Dolfins are the first level, and 11 of them swam at this meet, some for their first competition ever.

Alysse Austin, 8, earned B times in both her 25 backstroke and 25 freestyle, and Adriana Avitia, 7, swam to four new B times and improved in all her events, including a 15-second drop in her 50 free.

Kendall Dill, 9, tried three new events this meet, while Colton Dale, 9, Andrew Hobson, 13, and Kalynn Hobson, 7, all gained experience in their first meet. Sam Lindsey, 7, improved in each of his events, dropping nine seconds in his 25 back, while Jeremiah Simpson, 7, earned two B times, dropping 16 seconds from his 50 free to a time of 56.72 seconds, and 12 seconds in his 25 back for a time of 26.65.

Marissa Straker, 7, gained two new B times and Jeremy Tigh, 8, racked up five new B times, while Josh Tigh, 8, placed in two events.

Awesome swimming from these novice swimmers!

The second level is the Red Dolfins, represented by 18 swimmers at this meet. Earning new A times were Marisela Avitia, Brianna Gormly, Alyssa Hamilton and Steven Shih. Marisela, 8, racked up four A times and a fourth place finish in the 50 breaststroke. Brianna, 9, got her A time in the 100 back in 1:35.62 and also placed eighth in the 500 free. Steven Shih’s new A was in the 25 back. Steven, 7, also took first place in the 50 back with a time of 45.86. Alyssa, 10, dropped almost eight seconds from her 100 free for a new A time of 1:21.94, as well as earning four new B times.

Getting new B times were Veronica Avitia, Sara Mangiaracina, Aujanae Ray, Stephanie Smith and Sarah Tigh.

Veronica, 9, got a B time in the 100 back, and Sara, just aging up to the 9-10 age group, got two new B times. Aujanae’s B time was in the 50 free and Stephanie’s was in the 50 back for a 10th place finish. Sarah Tigh’s B time was in the 25 butterfly and she also placed fifth in the 25 breast. Shiloh Webb, 11, jumped right in and swam eight events for her first meet.

Improving one or more of their previous official times were: Daniel Hobson, 10, who also placed in two events; Julie Jones; Ana Gomes, 12; Ray Gomes, 12, placing in five events; Lindsey O’Brien, 9; Katelyn Straker, 10; Shawn Stubnar, 8, taking places in five events; and Ashley Smith, 10.

The Blue Dolfins are the top level of the generally elementary-school age swimmers.

Eleven Blue Dolfins swam the St. Valentine’s Day invitational last weekend. Getting new A times were 10-year-olds Cassie Hood and Brittany Kvasnicka, and 9-year-old Josiah Simpson. Cassie’s A times were in the 50 fly and the 50 free, and she also earned four new B times, placing in two events. Brittany’s A time was in the 100 breast, and she also placed in three races. Josiah swam to two new A times (for the 100 and 50 breast) and also four new B times. Josiah placed in each of his nine events.

Angelina Avitia, Megan Bavaro, Amanda McCrae, Justeen Mills and Mary O’Brien all swam to new B times in at least one event. Angelina, 11, improved times in seven races and earned three B times, while Megan, 10, got two B times and improved three races. Amanda, 12, improved her times in five races and earned her new B time in the 50 breast. Mary, just aging up to the 11-12 age group, got her B time in the 50 back and improved in four races. Dane Bunch, also just aging up to the 11-12 age group, placed in nine events and improved in four.

Jessi Cook, 9, placed seventh in the 500 free, and Michael Mangiaracina, 10, placed in all four of his races and improved in two. Justeen Mills had seven improved times and took home two ribbons.

The fourth level of swimmers is the Pre-Senior group. Six were represented last weekend. Michelle Denson, 12, took third place in the 50 breast with a time of 38.90 and shaved time off two events. Kaylee Hames, 11, improved her time in each of her 10 events, taking as much as 10 seconds off to earn two B times in her new 11-12 age group. Whitney Lindsey, 10, shattered all her old times and racked up four new AA times. She placed second in the 500 free with a time of 6:44.18 and second in the 100 breast with a time of 1:31.55.

Melissa Oglesby, 13, improved in the 200 individual medley and placed in the 500 free, and Whitney Simpson, 11, improved four races and placed fifth in the 500 free and ninth in the 200 breast. Sean Tinnell, 15, got two new A times and placed fifth in the 400 I.M. with a time of 5:11.03. Sean also placed in his other four events and took time off three.

The Dolfins Senior group was represented by 13 swimmers. Dan Canale, 17, blasted 17 seconds off his 400 I.M. for a fourth-place finish and a new AA time of 4:57.52. Dan also placed in the rest of his races, with a six-second drop in the 100 back for a fifth place ribbon.

Scott Cronk, 15, excelled at distance this meet with a 21 second drop in his 1,000 free at 11:16.74 and a nine-second drop in the 500 free to 5:27.26, both resulting in third place finishes. Scott brought home ribbons in all eight of his events.

Whitney Higgins, 14, took sixth in the 500 free and improved her 100 back and 50 free, while Ellen Lillegard, 17, took third in the 1,000 free and placed in seven other events. Fourteen-year-old Janet Lillegard shaved time off three of her races and placed in all six, and Sarah Lillegard, 16, took first place in the 100 fly with a time of 1:07.53 and first in the 200 fly with a time of 2:29.33. Sarah also improved her 200 I.M. for a second-place finish at 2:26.02, and brought home four more ribbons in the rest of her races.

Twelve-year-old Andrea Lindsey achieved a Q time with her swim of 5:14.84 in the 400 I.M. for a second-place finish, and a AA time of 31.39 in the 50 fly for a second place finish. Andrea also placed first in the 200 and 100 breast with times of 2:50.53 and 1:18.54.

Konnie Seamons also brought home a Q time of 2:01.63 in the 200 free for a first-place finish, and a AA time of 2:51.62 in the 200 breast for a fifth-place ribbon. Konnie had six first place finishes and two seconds among her 10 placing ribbons, and also took home the girls’ 15-16 high point trophy!

Brian Shepard, 14, got a new A time of 1:21.16 in the 100 breast and a first-place finish in the 200 fly with a time of 2:27.26. Brian placed in the top five in each of his 10 events, including four second places, by shaving time off nine of his races, while brother Eddie, 19, improved his 200 breast time to 2:37.36. (Swimmers over 18 may not place or receive points)

David Shih, 13, brought home seven first-place ribbons as well as the high-point trophy for the boys’ 13-14 age group, while 15-year-old Andy Sturgess improved times in two races and placed in all nine events. And Kaitlin Young, 13, brought home an A time and fifth place with her first swim of 5:45.41 in the 400 I.M. Kaitlin also placed in four other races and took time off three.

The annual St. Valentine’s Day invitational was a big success thanks to so many people and the swimmers too! It takes a huge amount of organizing and volunteering to put on an event of this size and a big thanks to all those who contributed. The Dolfins next meet will be in Reno, March 10-11, for the Zone 4 SC Spring Fling Invitational. See you there!