Dolfins compete at King of the Hill |

Dolfins compete at King of the Hill

by Julie Gray
Special to The R-C

The Douglas Dolfins Swim Team competed on Oct. 16-18 at the annual Reno Aquatic Club-hosted King of the Hill Challenge held in Carson City.

This 50-yard freestyle challenge meet was open to swimmers age 13-18 who were also required to compete in at least five more individual events, testing the stamina of each competitor. The multiple-round championship elimination was held over the course of two days.

Kaila Duffy (15), Lily Bickmore (15), Cailey Tollman (13), Sarah Hyatt (14), Mychael Bellik (15) and Aspen Paschke (13) competed in the girls challenge.

In the Top 64 round Duffy finished 16th, Bickmore 25th, Tollmann 26th (with a personal best time of 29.15), Hyatt 28th, Bellik 34th, and Paschke 51st (with a personal best time of 35.84).

In the round of 32, Duffy placed 15th, Bickmore 20th (with a best time of 28.08), Tollman 25th (again swimming her personal best time) and Hyatt 27th. Duffy finished 14th in the Top 16 elimination round with a time of 27.07.

The girls 13-18 winner was 17-year-old McKenna Meyer from Reno Aquatics with a time of 24.35.

Joe Sullivan (16), Ryan Chen (17), Justin Hight (16), Sebastian Zeron (16), Taylor Knowles (14), Jason Lowther (17), and Chris Manning (13) represented the Dolfins in the boys competition.

In the round of 64, Sullivan placed fifth, Chen seventh (.01 off his best time), Hight 14th, Zeron 21st, Knowles 27th (a personal best time of 26.29), Lowther 28th and Manning 41st (a personal best time of 30.42).

In the round of 32, Sullivan placed fifth, Chen sixth (a best time of 23.65), Hight 11th (a best time of 23.99), Zeron 15th, Lowther 28th and Knowles 29th.

In the Top 16 swim, Sullivan took fifth, Hight sixth with another best time of 23.57, Chen (just .04 off his best) in eighth and Zeron in 14th.

Sullivan placed fifth in the Top 8, Hight was sixth (dropping another tenth with a best time of 23.47), and Chen finished seventh with a personal record time of 23.53.

The Top 6 round found Sullivan in fourth and Hight in sixth. Sullivan ultimately finished fourth in the Top 4 round with a time of 23.09, just shy of his best time of 23.01.

Cooper Deryk, 16, from Truckee-Tahoe Swim Team was the eventual King of the Hill boys champion with a time of 21.81.

Some of the younger Dolfins turned in notable performances beginning with 9-year-old Cammie Jahreis who dropped 14.67 seconds in the 100 backstroke and set a time to beat of 1:58.59 to place 16th in her first 100 butterfly.

Matt Yturbide dropped 1.51 seconds in the 50 freestyle, 5.42 in the 100 freestyle, 3.64 in the 50 breaststroke finishing 9th and 6.48 in the 9-10 boys 100 individual medley.

Sofia DeLange had a nearly 100 percent improvement meet for the 11-12 girls, taking 10.04 seconds in the 200 freestyle, 15.37 in the 500 freestyle and 9.64 in the 200 IM.

Anna Northcutt dropped 2.39 seconds in the 50 freestyle and 2.08 in the 100 freestyle in new BB times of 31.53 and 1:07.91 respectively, 2.21 in the 50 backstroke and 10.09 in the 200 IM with new B times of 37.21 and 2:57.48.

Emma Ruffo took second-place in the 200 freestyle and 400 IM with a new A time of 5:29.92. She also placed third in the 100 backstroke and fourth in the 200 backstroke.

In the 11-12 boys age group, TJ Golobic placed 10th in his first 200 breaststroke. Remy Hill-Holeman placed fourth in the 100 breaststroke and achieved a new BB time of 1:06.71 in the 100 freestyle, an improvement of 2.25 and 10th place. Justin LoPresto turned in nearly every event and logged four new B times of 1:11.50 in the 100 freestyle, 6:48.47 in the 500 freestyle (dropping 26.48 seconds) and 1:23.82 in the 100 backstroke for eighth-place. Ryan Signorella placed fifth in the 50 freestyle and achieved a new state time of 36.49 in the 50 backstroke. Cooper Yturbide took off 13.04 seconds in the 200 freestyle, 8.35 in the 100 freestyle and 6.09 in the 100 backstroke.

Clarice Albert dropped 1.52 seconds in the 13-14 girls 100 freestyle with a 1:05.41. Sarah Hyatt achieved two new A times of 2:42.81 in the 200 breaststroke to place sixth, and 2:28.14 in the 200 IM for eighth-place. Cailey Tollmann had placed eighth in the 100 backstroke, ninth in the 200 backstroke and seventh in the 100 butterfly.

Both of the Dolfins’ 13-14 age group boys did very well, as Knowles achieved new A times of 56.86 in the 100 freestyle, where he placed fourth, and 1:01.81 in the 100 backstroke, again placing fourth. Chris Manning improved by 1.71 seconds in the 50 freestyle with a time of 30.10 and 4.67 in the 200 breaststroke in 2:46.06 and sixth-place.

Mychael Bellik placed second in the 1,650 freestyle in the 15-16 girls age group, taking off 41.91 seconds with a new state time of 21:07.26 and placed fifth in the 500 freestyle.

Lily Bickmore placed ninth in the 200 freestyle and sixth in the 100 butterfly.

Up next is the Nevada State Championships on Nov. 5-8 in Henderson.