County Manager Q&A: June 16 |

County Manager Q&A: June 16

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Douglas County Manager Steve Mokrohisky participates in a monthly question and answer forum online on The Record-Courier’s daily Running Commentary. Anyone with questions is welcome to participate in the next scheduled forum on July 10 at 10:30 a.m. For a full transcript of the last forum, go online at and search “County Manager Q&A: June 16” Here are excerpts of the last forum:

Q: What is going on in the lot next to Maverick and Holiday Inn? I thought Tractor Supply Company was going in? Saw that Tractor Supply was going in Carson City on Highway 50 East.

A: Douglas County and the Town of Minden have approved the design review for Tractor Supply. No building permit or site improvement permit have been issued for Tractor Supply or any other business or use at the Minden Gateway. We will let you know when we hear more.

Q: What is the status on the Douglas County Community & Senior Center?

A: Construction mobilization began on June 11 under an approved site improvement permit. Construction plans and documents are 100 percent complete and have been submitted for permits. It is anticipated that the building permit will be issued by the first week of July and that construction on the building will begin on or after July 11, 2013. The Board of County Commissioners will consider approval of the contract for the Waterloo Lane widening project on July 1 with work on the road widening beginning in August. This project is on schedule and within the Board approved budget.

Q: NDOT made a presentation to county commissioners on Thursday. Did they discuss the possibility of a traffic signal at Airport Road and Highway 395?

A: Yes, NDOT did discuss the potential of various traffic safety improvements at Airport Road and Highway 395. Our staff met with NDOT staff Wednesday regarding the options. We are looking at benefit/cost ratios for the various alternative measures which include shifting the right-turn lane, prohibiting left turns from Airport Road onto the highway, and constructing a traffic signal. It is clear to us that NDOT understands the traffic safety issues at that intersection and are working cooperatively to identify the best solution to improve safety and maintain efficient flow of traffic.

Q: During the lightning storms over the weekend, we heard radio traffic from the fire and paramedics districts that sounded as though there is a specific strategic plan in place for such weather. Is this a new element? What can you tell us about it?

A: Yes, East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts has a Resource Management Plan which takes the place of our former Lightning Plan. When this plan is put into place it allows for the better management of engines, crews etc., when responding to multiple incidents of the same type, such as multiple lightning strikes. On a normal day we used to send numerous apparatus to each call. This plan allows us to only send one or two units until we determine if more units are needed, thereby increasing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of response. We have specific criteria for implementing this plan. Today (Wednesday), by the way, is a red flag day … Our first in the district for this year.

Q: What is the status of the decision to turn over operation and maintenance of the county’s lake water systems to either Kingsbury General Improvement District or Tahoe Douglas?

A: The Board of Commissioners reviewed proposals from KGID and Tahoe Douglas earlier this year, in response to the county’s request for proposals for maintenance and operation services of the county’s water systems at Lake Tahoe. When we reviewed the initial proposals, there was no cost benefit to the county’s Lake system customers. We are, however, continuing to work with Tahoe Douglas on an alternative proposal that it submitted that may provide a cost benefit to our customers. We will have an item on the July 18 board agenda to further discuss the county’s Lake water system rates.

Q: We hear there is a foreign consul in town to see the Valley’s technological capabilities. What can you tell us about that?

A: Members of the Las Vegas Consular Corps are visiting Douglas County today on a business and trade mission. There are five Honorary Consuls representing the countries and Consulates of Chile, Lithuania, Monaco, Poland and Sweden based in Nevada. Douglas County Commissioner Lee Bonner has worked on this initiative, which is sponsored by the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, Northern Nevada Development Authority and Douglas County. We are pleased to be touring several businesses in Douglas County, including GE, North Sails, Global Sun Wind and Energy, Tahoe Ridge Winery, JT Basque and Buona Sera, and discussing further collaboration in areas of trade between Douglas County businesses and the countries represented by the Consuls.

Q: What can you tell us about the special achievement award the county received recently for its Geographic Information Systems?

A: We are very excited to have received the special recognition award at a national geographic information systems conference for our efforts to implement a new mapping system. This new system allows us to enhance customer service to the public and public safety agencies in community planning and emergency response efforts. Douglas County is headed into its third year providing consolidated regional GIS services to Carson City, Storey, Lyon and Douglas counties. This regional partnership has been a great success in reducing costs for neighboring jurisdictions, improving service levels and enhancing revenues for Douglas County.

Q: The Bureau of Land management recently presented a reduced trails plan for the Pine Nuts. Is that the end for the proposal for a hiking trail that circumnavigates Carson Valley?

A: The original project proposed by the Carson Valley Trails Association in 2012 was for a 45-mile nonmotorized trail system. The Trails Association and BLM have worked with the community to revise the trail plan to include two 6-mile nonmotorized loop trails, one in the northeast Valley and the other in the Fish Springs area. We support the Carson Valley Trails Association’s ultimate goal to complete a trail loop around the entire Carson Valley, similar to the Tahoe Rim Trail. So, this is not the end, but rather a very positive beginning.

Q: We heard someone get cited for burning this morning. Is there a plan to post on the county Web site somewhere when open burning days are?

A: While we are in open burn season for East Fork for agricultural burns. Residents are encouraged to contact 782-7964 to request if it is an open burn day. During burn season, the decision on open burning is made by the fire district on a day-to-day basis, based on conditions. Today is very windy and a Red Flag Day, so there is no open burning today.

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