Coach needs to be taught a lesson |

Coach needs to be taught a lesson

by Darrell Moody, Sports Editor

I saw the Nevada girls’ 4A state championship over the weekend, and boy are they scary.

I find it hard to believe that anybody will beat the Centennial High girls’ basketball team this season. They rolled through Northern Nevada competition at last week’s North-South Shootout, winning three games by more than 100 points combined.

The Bulldogs beat Reno 69-39, pounded Galena 97-34 and topped Douglas 74-59. While I readily conceed that the Bulldogs have plenty of talent, somebody should teach their players and coach what sportsmanship is all about.

During last Friday’s win over Galena, the Grizzlies had to slow down the pace of the game somewhat to avoid having 100 points scored against them. It was so brutal that I had trouble watching at times.

The Bulldogs pressed throughout the game, which was definitely wrong. Galena on its best day couldn’t beat Centennial. Centennial was shooting three-pointers with a 50-point lead. Wrong again. That’s like a team stealing bases with a 10-0 lead.

What was wrong with their coach?

First, none of the starters should even have been on the floor in the final quarter.

Second, once you get up by a wide margin, take the air out of the ball. Run the offense through a few times. Don’t shoot anything other than a layup or something uncontested inside the foul line.

Centennial had the game locked up. There is never any need to embarrass an opponent like Centennial did.

I can think of several instances during the football season where the Tigers could have easily scored 60 or 70 points a few times had coach Mike Rippee not slowed the game down.

Somebody really needs to sit down with the coach because she’s sending out the wrong message to her players.

I’m supposed to be objective, but certain things rub me the wrong way.

I admit I loved it when Douglas gave Centennial a good tussle on the last day of the event, and I had to supress a laugh when the Centennial coach started yelling at her players and officials.

The Centennial coach is a good coach in terms of knowing the game, but she showed a definite lack of class, and while the school should be proud of its team, I can’t think of anybody that would be proud of the coach.

Motivating is one thing, but showing your own players a lack of respect is another.

Galena coach Karen Friel didn’t say much about the thumping because she has too much class, and so do her players, who kept hustling.

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