Boettger tops round robin |

Boettger tops round robin

by Bill Welch
Special to The R-C

The first Carson Valley Tennis Tournament of the 2014 season, a round robin for girls 10-and-under, was held recently at Lampe Park.

The participants were Isabel Geyhamyan, 6, Dulce Franco, 7, Sierra Boettger, 8, and Azlyn Ristine, 10. Ginny Unger and Susan Cowan were the tournament directors.

This contest utilized the United States Tennis Association’s “new” quickstart format, using a 60-foot court length instead of the regular 78 feet. Also, the tennis balls were oversized and low compression, causing them to travel through the air slower and bounce with less forward intensity.

The girls played a total of four games per set. The total number of games won were added up for each set to determine the overall “round robin” winner.

Everyone competed well and it was close, with Sierra Boettger emerging as the victor.

As the leading edge of the Carson Valley’s youth tennis developmental programs, Unger and Cowan envision the possibility of staging local tournaments that fit well with the interests and participation of boys and girls ages 6 to 18.

Call Ginny at (775) 901-6713 or Susan at (775) 315-4517 for information.