Age not slowing Valley tennis player down |

Age not slowing Valley tennis player down

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It’s not uncommon for Carson Valley resident Brad Childers to see someone more than half his age standing on the other side of the net.

That hasn’t slowed him down at all, though.

The 53-year-old Carson Valley Inn employee has been competing in the tournament tennis in the 3.5 open level on the NorCal circuit, and has quickly made a name for himself.

Rather than opt for the higher age classifications, Childers chose the open level, meaning entries of all ages are allowed to compete. Most times, his opponents are in their early 20s.

No matter, though, Childers compiled an 8-5 record in tournament play this season and reached the finals of several tournaments.

He finished the season ranked No. 50 in NorCal competition, but he rose as high as No. 43 at one point. He said he felt that if he had played in more tournaments this year, he could’ve drawn a higher final ranking.