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A birthday experience on Lake Tahoe

Hello fellow anglers. The weather has been beautiful, but a little scary. We need some more precipitation in the form of snow up on them thar hills. Right now our snow pack is at average for this time of year. Hopefully the month of March will add to our snow pack.

Last Monday, Renee and I, with friends Deanna and Geary Ness took advantage of the nice weather and fished on Lake Tahoe with Gene St. Denis. Being that it was Deanna's birthday, we had a party on the water. Where else would friends celebrate such a great occasion.

We started about 9 a.m. off the Cal/Neva Point. Within one-half hour we were on fish, and the fishing was fantastic. We were trolling a flasher and dodger combination with a live minnow about 12 inches behind the dodger. We fished in 200 to 240 feet of water right off the bottom. By 11 a.m. we had a few boats coming closer and closer, to check out what the heck we were using.

We obviously had the right combination and presentation, and we could see that they did not. Checking your depth and constant adjustment of your presentation is a key issue in mackinaw fishing.

We had our limits soon after and headed back for shore. Our fish, on average, weighed in at two to three pounds. Deanna caught one about five pounds and the Naw got one about eight pounds. There was one small mackinaw we caught and could not release, but the funny thing is, no one remembered who caught it. That was how good the fishing was.

I have fished with Gene St. Denis many times over the years and I cannot remember a bad day. I can say, that if you are not familiar with fishing on Lake Tahoe, Call Gene at Blue Ribbon Fishing Charters at 530-544-6552. You will learn how to fish Tahoe and the history of the Tahoe Basin and surrounding area in one afternoon. And most likely meet a new friend as well.

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Other areas of Lake Tahoe which have been producing mackinaws are Meeks Bay and the Tahoe Shelf.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake has four to five feet of ice on it, an extension on your auger is recommended. Night crawlers or small jigs have been most productive. No need to venture to the middle of the lake. I have had my best luck in five to 15 feet of water. Fresh water shrimp from your local grocery store is also productive. Caples Lake Resort is open for cabin rentals into April, when they will close to get ready for the spring season. Call Caples Lake Resort at 209-258-8888 for information. Special note, if you stay at the resort, Drew the resort manager is an experienced ice angler.

RED LAKE: The lake has four to five feet of snow with 12 to 18 inches of snow on top. The fishing has been very spotty over the last couple weeks. Kastmasters or small spoons have been most popular for jiggers. While Night crawlers or Powerbait have produced a few small rainbows. The lake can produce cutthroat, brown, rainbow and brook trout.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: I ventured up with friends the week before last. We fished for five hours with a few bites. A couple of anglers caught some small rainbows with garlic Powerbait. The lake has no ice on it. The water level has come up a couple feet. All of the places we used to fish along the shoreline are now submerged. This in places is a good thing and in other areas, we just have to adjust our techniques. The paved road is not open at this time. I have some feelers out to find out the reason why the gate is locked. It may open at any time, for now I would use the entrance off of Diamond Valley Road. It is a dirt road with a little washboard in some areas, but is accessible with most any vehicle.

TOPAZ LAKE: The Topaz Lodge Derby is going strong. Last week two tagged fish were caught and 54 were weighed in at over 2 pounds. Shad LaFantise from Walker took first-place with a 3.15-pound rainbow. Second-place was awarded to Crista Gafford of Brookside, Wyo., with a 3.14-pound rainbow. One of Gardnerville's finest anglers, Donna McMasters, caught a nice 3-pound rainbow. The action has been on and off. Shore anglers have had better luck than the boaters using Worms or Powerbait. Trollers have been going a little deeper with Rapalas on the south end. Call Topaz Lodge at 266-3338 for information.

NDOW FISH PLANTS: Sparks Marina, Paradise Park Pond, Wilson Common Pond, Baily Pond, Mitch Pond.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. Only two more weeks until daylight savings time. If you have a question in our local fishing area, call the Naw line at 267-9722. Get a picture of your catch, send it to dprice@recordcourier.com. Good fishin' and tight lines.