Yours and mine |

Yours and mine


My candidate believes in freedom. Yours believes in tyranny.

My candidate is a representative of the people. Yours is a representative of special interests.

Yours operates in pork barrel politics. Mine only wants us to get our “fair” share.

Yours is deceptive by not being specific in their answers on how they would respond to future situations. Mine is careful and thoughtful knowing that how leadership responds depends on the nature of future conditions.

Mine believes in a diverse multicultural society. Yours is a coarse racist.

Mine believes the “best” days are ahead for America. Yours believes that they have passed.

My candidate shows their patriotism by wearing an American flag lapel pin. Yours shows their contempt for America by not wearing one.

Your candidate’s beliefs and actions depend on opinion polls. My candidate’s come from the “wisdom” of the people.

Thus, politics instead being how we reconcile disparate means to common ends has become only a means of constructing a reality that will never question the infallibility of our political conjectures.

Dan Porath