Your dime |

Your dime

Kurk J. Wilson


In response to Mr. Jim Hillman’s letter, I would like to thank him for his work price checking three items. The only price he forgot is what price these items are actually costing.

Like the fact that more than 60 percent of Walmart employees are eligible for federal assistance (food stamps, TANF, Medicaid). Your dime.

Walmart pays most of its employees under the federal guideline for the poverty level. Taxpayers can fund this. Your dime.

There have been several studies done on the impact of Walmart moving into a community. The latest one I have seen was done in the state of Washington. It states that every time a Walmart store was opened, it costs the community $27 million over the life of the store (20 years). Your dime.

In Iowa, an agricultural state that reminds me of this area, within 10 years of Walmart moving in, more than 5,000 small businesses were closed. I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to our small stores. You dime.

If you have any problem adding up the dimes you saved, go to Walmart, look for the aisle that says “Made in China,” and you can purchase a calculator. I myself would rather buy local and American.