Yes on roads taxes |

Yes on roads taxes

Letter to the EDITOR:

I want good, safe roads for this County. I do not wish to see Highway 395 become what it is through Carson City. I want an alternate route through Minden and Gardnerville, and I want safer roads and intersections throughout the county.

NDOT has said if Douglas County wishes help with road funding, they must first help themselves through local funding. Douglas County’s budget numbers show that with current funding, we are not properly maintaining the roads we already have, much less being able to build new roads.

A transportation plan that could carry our county well into the future has been developed. Now, it is necessary to find a method or methods to fund it, and that’s where it gets ugly, because there is only one way, and that’s taxes.

The nickel gas tax will put us on a par with Carson City when it is fully implemented in July 2005. The one quarter of one percent increase in our sales tax will put us on a par with Carson City, and leave us a quarter cent less than Reno. The one time, fifty cents per foot tax on new non-residential construction, will help balance the $500 road tax currently paid by builders for each new home they build.

Only builders and developers will pay this tax while the gas and sales tax will be paid not only by residents, but also by visitors.

If these new taxes are implemented, the funds can only be used for transportation issues. The ballot wording references Nevada state law (Nevada Revised Statutes), and that is what it says. Misuse of these funds cannot be allowed, and every citizen should be aware of that.

We, the voters of Douglas County will decide this issue. To me, it is a very simple choice.

Rudy McTee


Oct. 9