Year of SGI coming to a close, or is it? |

Year of SGI coming to a close, or is it?

R-C Editorial

Another year is coming to a close.

For Douglas County, 2002 has been tumultuous. Unfortunately, calmer political seas are not on the horizon for 2003.

From beginning to end, 2002 is the year of the Sustainable Growth Initiative.

The growth issue set sail in the early hours of 2002 as the Master Plan Defense Committee sought to spur the Douglas County Commissioners to act on the growth-controlling aspects of the Master Plan. With no action in sight, the committee launched the SGI petition in late February to force the issue with a ballot vote in fall.

From then on, the issue dominated local politics. Like clipper ships doing battle on the open seas, the cannon balls flew back and forth.

Much damage has been done to both sides.

SGI appears to have won the big battle with the successful passage of the initiative and the state Supreme Court’s assent that it was all a legal process.

However, the arsenals are not yet empty. Skirmishes continue.

To date, five lawsuits have been filed. More are expected. Those battles could continue even beyond 2003.

Douglas County is already a political war zone. What will it look like in another year?

Only time will tell.