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Wrong assertion


Once again, in his letter to the Editor of Oct. 27, Lynn Muzzy makes an incorrect assertion, in this case about my Oct. 15 response to information in his Oct. 8 letter in The Record-Courier about county salary hikes.

My previous letter did not question his thoughtful comments about the Douglas County economic vitality project. It challenged information he provided from the transparentnevada.com Web site about recreation program position numbers and costs. In Lynn’s newest letter he wrote that I said “the law mandates some recreation services.” Nonsense. My letter’s fifth paragraph said that the difference between the base salary of a fiscal year position and the potential or actual cost of that position results principally from accumulated benefits over time and “legally-required insurances and retirement contributions.”

For anyone who goes to transparentnevada.com, it is obvious that nearly all top cost positions are judicial-legal, sheriff and fire personnel. Recreation is far down the list. But if that is his so-to-speak “whipping boy” among county programs he should be accurate in his statements.

Bill Hamilton