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Writing for the love of it

Gardnerville resident Linda Chambers has shared her love for the written word with families all over the world for the last seven years.

The former English and Spanish teacher has published seven children’s books and is working on three others.

“I like the playfulness and I found a good market. I’m doing what seems to come naturally, writing for children,” Chambers said. “I’ve gotten a good response from the public. I’m very pleased with it because I’m doing something people enjoy.”

Chambers started her writing career in 2004 with, “ABC Poetry,” where each letter of the alphabet tells a story in rhyme.

“I’ve always really wanted to write stories. When I would go to the book store and try to find first books of ABCs they were always boring,” the author said. “I enjoy it and I enjoy poetry. Five out of the seven are books of poems.”

Her latest book is called, “On a Journey to Mirth,” a chapter book for young girls ages 7 to 10 years old. Mirth is a word meaning happiness.

“I wrote it because I wanted to tell a sweet story for young girls,” Chambers said. “I wanted to write something that had some fantasy to it. A best friend story.”

Other books published include “On the Farm” for preschool and beginning readers, “The Littlest Bull,” a ballad in the tradition of the Old West, “Cheroot,” about a chipmunk who confronts a cougar with the help of his friends, “Mumps,” an early reader book about a frog and “Inside my Grandma’s Pocket,” a read-to-me book for preschool boys and their grandmas.

“I’m not writing ‘War and Peace’ here. These are just simple stories I write,” Chambers said. “I love animals and I love children and I love living in their world.”

The poetry books include a glossary of terms in the back, and “Cheroot” includes an appendix describing the animals in it and range maps of where they are found.

Chambers also incorporated her four grandchildren into some of her books.

Emma, 19, is in “Journey to Mirth,” Franklyn, 11, was the inspiration for “In my Grandma’s Pocket,” John, 13, is the cover art for “ABC Poetry” and one-month-old Erik is going to be in Chamber’s upcoming poetry book of manners for boys.

“They love them. I read them to them as I wrote them,” Chambers said. “They are very proud of their grandmother.”

Chambers has used five illustrators for her books, some of whom were friends and others she sought out.

“They are all so, so talented, easy to work with and very different styles,” Chambers said. “The visual I think is as important in a children’s book as the words.”

Since 2009, Chambers has traveled around speaking to groups of librarians about her books and the process of getting them published.

In May she is going to Idaho to speak at a workshop.

“These are people who from the get go are book lovers. They know good books, they’ve had thousands of books in their hands,” Chambers said. “They make readers out of children. I love to talk to the librarians.”

Two new poetry books by Chambers are currently being illustrated, and should be out by the end of the year. She is also finishing up a chapter book that takes place in the Reunion Islands.

As much as Chambers enjoyed writing the books, she hopes the children enjoy reading them more.

“For me it would be that the children have an experience that’s enjoyable and they love the words. That’s what will reach the children that the stories are fun,” she said. “So many books now have a lot of negativity in them and that’s not really me. So if I stick to the children’s books I can be more of myself.”

Chambers’ books are available at her website http://www.lindachambersbooks.com, or at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

“Potty Talk” by Linda Chambers from her upcoming book, “The Little Boys Book of Manners”

There’s a problem with Oscar

because of his talk.

If you hear his bad words,

you’re in for a shock.

“Potty talk, potty talk,”

the other kids yell.

“If you don’t talk nice,

we’re going to tell!”

Poor Oscar looks down,

trying hard not to cry.

He forgets every day

and he doesn’t know why.

His Mama reminds him.

His teacher does, too.

“When you say bad things,

it means trouble for you!

You’re a good little boy

and we like you a lot.

You are happy and friendly,

but you talk Potty Talk.

Please listen, dear Oscar.






Think before speaking.

Use nice words.

That’s it!”