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Write to BLM now

Jani Buron, Wellington


We in Douglas County are very concerned about the BLM plans to “control burn” about 800 acres in the southern Pine Nut Mountains over the next five years. People all over the state of Nevada, and anywhere else, should be equally concerned, because it has become BLM and Forestry policy to burn up the forest before a wildfire does, thus “saving” the forest from wildfires. BLM burns it first. And when the “controlled burns” become “uncontrolled burns,” it unnecessarily destroys large areas of watershed, livestock grazing range, animals and animal habitat (their homes and their feed), recreational destinations and, of course, the scenery.

In most cases, these burns are way out of line and totally unjustified. The heavy, dense clouds of smoke generated by these burns for days is very uncomfortable to breathe and, in some cases, is damaging to health. In case of private property damage in any way (monetary loss or loss of a home or ranch) from these “BLM burns,” there is no recourse from BLM. The government agencies are not required to be accountable for their actions.

BLM is making plans right now for a burn in the next 60 days or less on Jack Wright Summit. This is near many homes, in three directions. Your comments need to get in to BLM fast. Letters count more than phone calls. Please voice your concerns to Tim Roide, Bureau of Land Management, 5665 Morgan Mill Rd., Carson City 89701. Tim’s phone number is 885-6185. Other BLM phones are 885-6000 and 885-6101. The BLM fax number is 885-6106.