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Worried about corruption


I watch the news and I see how people bag on President Obama, political parties, etc. I worry about this country of ours and I don’t like what I see. Who does?

I am even more worried about the state that I and my family live in and how it’s been run. My children were born here, raised her and some still live here. I have dear friends here, also. I myself moved here in 1965 to Incline Village with lots of family from Southern California. I went to school there, grew up there, married there, had a home and six children there. My three eldest graduated high school there from Incline High.

We sold our home and moved to Gardnerville in Douglas County, lived there for 14 years and two children graduated from Douglas High School. Then we sold our home because it was too large for just my husband and myself and our youngest child so we moved to Yerington with our youngest in 11th grade. It is hard to move a teenager from her hometown however she did just fine and graduated from Yerington High School. Life was good.

We now have 81⁄2 grandchildren, some of whom are here in Nevada. My husband is 64 years old and I am in my mid-50s and decided it was time to move a little closer in. We moved back to Washoe County.

We have lost everything in this economic crisis but still have the love of family and friends.

What I, my friends, and our family have witnessed in Washoe County, Douglas County and Lyon County, Mineral County and Carson City is appalling. The corruption of people we vote for, the work forces we pay for in an effort to have a better life. We put our trust and money in them and what do we get back?

Judges, district attorney’s, and lawyers, child protective services workers, detectives, social workers, Medicaid, Department of Vital Statistics, nursing homes, and most of all, officers of the law! I have dealt with every single one of these so-called professionals over the last 45 years and what I have witnessed in all of these different counties in Northern Nevada is an indescribable amount of corruption and such a high lack of professionalism it nearly leaves me speechless.

How did this get past us? When did we let go of the reins Nevada?

Why should they be paid to do a jog when they are involved in criminal activities themselves? We voted them in or we voted the person who hired them and therefore, they must serve the needs of the people here and not be in fear of losing their jobs which allows them to turn to corrupt and otherwise illegal activities that any other Nevadan would surely go to jail for.

We can fix this and we can make a difference if we work together and clean house. This state can no longer be run on the “good ole’ boys” network – it is time to get real Nevada.

Lisa Sutter