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Won’t take my blood


I want to thank Monica Moore and the United Blood Services for saying they need blood donations. However, their saying they want blood is not in keeping with their rules.

Down south I donated 54 pints with the American Red Cross, including blood for open heart operations. I then moved to June Lake where United Blood Services was accepting Blood.

During the time I was in Mono County I gave another two pints and was rejected for the third pint due to United Blood Services’ testing that found a false positive for Hepatitis. I had my doctor check to see if I actually had Hepatitis and his tests were negative.

I then moved to Gardnerville and was able to give another pint before United Blood Services’ testing again found a false positive and rejected me a second and final time.

Anyone who knows how to test knows that you cannot have a false positive, then a good test and then another false positive and expect you know what you are doing. But not United Blood Services. They now refuse my blood without any recourse.

So I’ve given a total of 57 pints, want to donate more but United Blood Services will not take my blood because of their faulty testing. It’s been twelve years since I was able to donate and I’m still bitter about the way United Blood Services handled this.

Bob Chambers