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Witless voters


Mr. Ben Justus is right on target in the Oct. 1 issue with his letter captioned “Vote Incumbents Out.” The thought, of course, shall fall short, given the total lack of wit shown by voters.

Well, right here in our state, look at the thousands of voters who want to keep Harry Reid in office. Unbelievable! Do they not understand that Reid and his ilk (both parties) are the problem?

Washington publication, “Human Events,” described the senator as “mean and nasty,” followed by the “Washington Times” that identified him as the leading name caller and obstructionist, a characterization that President Bush was confronted with, and voters want him?

The “Times” also wrote of the Reid sons who were paid several hundred thousand dollars as lobbyists. They are the people who buy up politicians, and now one of them, Rory Reid, wants something a little higher at the expense of Nevada citizens, and he may get it.

My time on the planet is running out, so go ahead witless voters, and screw up your future.

Vernon M. Latshaw