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Why target a thrift store?

Record Courier Staff Reports

Over the weekend thieves broke into the Barton Hospice Thrift Store and trashed the place in order to steal $300.

Whoever is responsible broke a window in a neighboring shop and smashed the thrift store’s new cash register before figuring out that the money was in the safe.

Bloody clothes left at the scene indicated some damage was done to the thief in the process of committing the burglary. Good.

Add up the damage to property, person and the amount of labor required to commit the theft and it’s a losing proposition for everyone.

We can think of only one reason to commit such a heinous and sloppy crime. Drugs.

We’re not going to make the claim that all drug users are breaking into thrift stores to support their habits. But for those who have an expensive habit and already live outside the law, drug sales, pilferage, breaking and entering, prostitution and robbery are very real ways to keep going.

Time after time we’ve heard heavy drug users say in court that if they hadn’t been caught, they would have continued their criminal behavior.

Anyone who thinks that illegal drug use isn’t having an impact on our society isn’t paying attention.