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Why isn’t gas cheaper here

Roger and Pam Brekas


Help me understand this.

On Friday, we had errands to run in Carson City. For fun, we wrote down the regular gas prices at the various gas stations in the early afternoon.

This is what we found:

Terrible’s Chevron (south Carson) $3.69.9

Chevron (Williams and Carson St.) $3.65.9

Chevron (Mica)-Douglas County $3.65.9

Chevron by Raleys in Gardnerville $3.69.9

Shell (Long and Carson) $3.69.9

Shell (south Carson) $3.65.9

Shell (Minden) $3.68.9

AM/PM (Williams and Carson St.) $3.53.9

AM/PM south Carson $3.54.9

AM/PM Minden $3.52.9

AM/PM Gardnerville $3.52.9

Reality check. Without the 5 cents a gallon gas tax that Carson City pays, shouldn’t the gas be 5 cents less in Minden or Gardnerville? Someone is making money.

If the gas is almost the same price, shouldn’t some of the cost be going into paying for the roads. It’s not always cheaper to buy gas locally, despite what some gas station owners want us to believe. Check it out for yourself. We did.