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Why is FISH so expensive?

Sheryl Luxon


I have been a Gardnerville resident for over 21 years and have donated countless items to the Fish Thrift store. I have also purchased items at the Fish Thrift store, knowing that I am helping needy people. As of late, the new management there seems to think that they have a boutique, with the prices of used goods as much or more than regular retail. Even on a half price sale, the prices are high. I consequently have stopped supporting the Fish Thrift shop, though I will support the Carson City store, as it’s prices are still reasonable.

Last Saturday, while waiting outside of Helping Hands Thrift shop to open, I was chatting with other locals who also voiced concern over the prices at Fish, and who also said they would no longer go there.

I believe that all of Fish’s merchandise is donated, and that the sales from which go to help the needy. The management needs to realize that low sales/no sales hurts the needy. Better to stay in the ballpark when selling used goods, than to price them as new and not sell them.

Thank you for letting me voice my concerns.