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Why don’t we buy local?


I would like to put the question out to our town as to why we as a whole do not use, or buy enough local? I bring this up because every where I look these days we have a company from out of town working or delivering something from another city. Most businesses opened their doors with the notion they would get their town to support them. Now I am not speaking about everyone, but for the most part I see printing companies, painting services, plumbers, to tree services and photography etc. I think people get my point. When did we stop wanting to keep our hard earned money within our county? Why support other surrounding cities? They’re not coming from Carson, or Reno to buy from us. We should support the businesses we have and have known for years before they have to shut their doors because we bought or shopped some where else. Is it really that hard to pay a little more so you support the smaller businesses?

Mark Waggoner