Why devote so much energy to soaring? | RecordCourier.com

Why devote so much energy to soaring?


In regards to the article in last Sundays Record-Courier titled “County proposes $7.5 million in work for airport,” I find a bit of wonderment in what the picture is suppose to depict? Aviation Center? I’m guessing that it is some type of soaring center which I don’t see is covered in the article. If indeed this is what the commissioners are proposing they need to think again.

I have lived here about ten years, visited another ten, and over this time period watched the size of the soaring community shrink by at least 40 percent. In the next 10 years this will only accelerate.

Some of the reasons that this sport is diminishing are, age of the participants, cost, lack of time, lack of facilities (cost), and lack of interest because people have so many more and diverse things to do (cost).

I also wonder why our commissioners are so eager to spend our county tax dollars and another $7 million plus from our federal tax dollars at this time when the future is so uncertain. I wish I could be wrong about the soaring community, but I don’t think so.

Eric Conley