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Why a raise?


The recent article regarding County Manager T. Michael Brown donating his merit raises to local non-profit organizations is troublesome.

At a time when Douglas County struggles to stay afloat, when numerous county employees have been laid off, when hotels and short-term rental rooms are forced to collect occupancy taxes, when the economy is floundering and unemployment soaring, why would the county commissioners approve any merit raise – much less two increases (totaling 7 percent) in seven months?

It would have been far more reasonable to refuse the two salary raises and allow that money to be returned to the taxpayers or used for other county operations.

As a taxpayer, I have no choice in how my tax dollars are used to staff and operate Douglas County, but I do not think my tax dollars should be donated to a charity of Mr. Brown’s choosing.

I prefer to donate to the charities of my choice and to enjoy a federal income tax deduction.

Vicki Hargrove