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Whoa on wild horse roundup

It costs $50,000 over the lifetime of every horse the Bureau of Lane Management rounds up and cares for.

That means the roughly 100 horses in the Fish Springs herd will cost $5 million to care for over the next several years.

In 2016, federal officials estimated it would cost $1 billion to feed all the horses rounded up off federal land.

Fish Springs residents have made their peace with the horses, which have been encouraged to move into the more remote areas of the Pine Nuts.

We recognize the efforts by outfits like the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates to support darting wild mares with a contraceptive to reduce the number of foals they produce.

We believe that is the best and most humane way to reduce the impact of wild horses on sensitive ecological areas, like the Pine Nuts.

It is in everyone’s best interest that a Malthusian cycle doesn’t leave the Pine Nuts a wasteland littered with dead horses.

But we feel rounding the horses up is an expensive and unnecessary option.

Volunteers have been donating money for the contraceptive, providing water to the horses so they don’t wander into the neighborhoods, where they could pose a danger to themselves and residents.

Residents have been doing their part, but it seems that the Bureau of Land Management has decided that isn’t enough.

We’re rooting for the advocates and their supporters to round up sufficient support to prevent the impending gather, and perhaps bring the feds to the table to discuss a more reasonable solution.