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Which strike force?

There are two very different organizations claiming to be taxpayers strike forces vying for the attention of Douglas County residents.

Last week, one of those organizations was responsible for an advertisement that pointed out activist Jeanne Shizuru is married to Commissioner Dave Nelson.

Previous advertisements questioned the qualifications of announced commission candidates Mark Gardner and Walt Nowosad and their connection with Tom and Virginia Starrett.

Virginia Starrett and Jan Muzzy are co-campaign managers for Gardner, a recent arrival in Topaz Ranch Estates. Those are available at http://www.taxpayerstrikeforce.com.

All a full four months before filing begins in March.

A web site included in the Shizuru ad makes it pretty clear the purchaser is a proponent of the Stateline redevelopment district. That web site includes both pro-RDA and anti-Nelson information.

Meanwhile, the other strike force, which can be located at http://www.dctaxpayerstrikeforce.com, pretty much includes all the folks who are named above.

The Douglas County Taxpayer Strike Force was formed in 2017 with Commissioner Dave Nelson’s endorsement.

That group has devoted its energies to opposing the redevelopment agency and the Park Holdings proposal, which is scheduled for a second first reading today.

To say we weren’t quite prepared for the election battle to be joined quite so early would be an understatement.

The only good news is that whatever happens the smoke should clear by next June, making this election nasty and brutish, but at least blessedly short.