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Where’s Harry?


A sure fire way to tell if someone cares less about what you think is they don’t ask. If you don’t care what I think stop reading now.

How many times has Harry Reid held a face-to-face town hall meeting in Northern Nevada? I’m aware of only one in the nearly 24 years he has been in office. If there was ever a clear message that Harry has no interest in what his constituents think that has to be it. Staying out of direct contact may be the best move for him because in that meeting it only took 37 microseconds to determine he has the brains of a squirrel and the personality of a houseplant. If a fence post were running against Harry it would get my vote.

With that in mind it looks like Sharron Angle has the best chance of winning in November, therefore Sharron gets my vote. Even if all of Harry’s sound bites are true she’s still a better choice than Harry.

I don’t believe that Harry still qualifies as a Nevada resident because he has been gone too long. I predict he will prove my point if he loses by going where the money is, i.e., becoming a lobbyist and remaining in Washington.

Richard Frost