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Where will all the traffic go?

Record Courier Staff Reports

If there’s one thing looking back on 2006 has taught us, it’s that there are way too many cars in Douglas County and not nearly enough road capacity.

The lesson begins with the New Year’s flood which closed pretty much every major bridge in the Valley. With highways 395 and 88 closed where they cross the Carson River and Genoa, Muller, Centerville and Mottsville lanes closed, commuters had to follow the old Emigrant Trail to get home in many cases.

Spring floods closed Mottsville Lane, like they do most years. Kingsbury Grade was closed by a landslide. Accidents have closed Highway 395 pretty regularly over the course of the year.

Tuesday was a particularly egregious example of what happens when one of the Valley’s busiest intersections closes for an entire afternoon.

Authorities closed the southbound lanes of Highway 395 at Ironwood Drive, forcing traffic to a deer-infested Foothill Road after dark. Traffic was backed up on Highway 395 from Muller to Genoa Lane and on Muller and Mottsville lanes to Foothill.

There are reports people tried to knock down the barricades so they could use what is now all that exists of Muller Parkway to get around the accident.

The fact is Highway 395 is the only real way to get from Carson City to Minden and it is being overwhelmed during the commutes.

We know the state is studying the highway and that study is due out in the next year or so. We also know it’s going to say that Highway 395 will need serious work to accommodate the growth already approved for Carson Valley.

Where the money will come from to complete that work is anybody’s guess.