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Where is Blue?

Stephen Jones


On Jan. 14, my son misplaced his beloved stuffed dog and best friend Blue at one of three places, Round Table Pizza, Blockbuster Video or the 7-Eleven on Tillman. When we realized Blue was missing, I went back to all three locations thinking “Surely someone found Blue and turned him in to a manager.”

Nothing. I was stunned and deeply saddened. How could someone let their child pick up a toy, knowing that somewhere, a child is upset knowing their buddy is missing. I purchased Blue at Target in 2006 about a month before my son was born. Blue is Hunter’s best friend. He is who Hunter asks for when he skins a knee. He is the bed buddy when he has trouble sleeping. He is the Backseat friend when we are in the car. Now I know some of you will say, “your son is 5 and needs to learn to not be attached to a stuffed animal.”

Some days, I agree with you. But there are days when every child needs that comfort in their lives, when mommy and daddy cannot say or do the right thing. So, if you were that parent whose child found Blue at the game room at Round Table, or at Blockbuster, or at the counter at 7-Eleven, imagine how heartbroken your child would be without their favorite toy and friend. Imagine how helpless as a parent you would feel trying to explain to your child, that someone picked up Blue and didn’t try to return him to his owner. Prove to my young son that there are still honest people out there who do the right thing. Tonight as I’m typing this letter, Hunter comes out and says “Daddy, I hope whoever took Blue needed him as I much as do.” It’s moments like that make your heart break and beam with pride at the same time. Please, find it in your heart to return Blue to my son, it would be a good life lesson for all.