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When’s the next Family Movie Night?

Record Courier Staff Reports

Have you seen “Flushed Away?” Well, that is the movie the Parent-Teacher Organization presented in the first Family Movie Night at Piñon Hills Elementary School last Friday night. Besides the movie, the PTO offered tubs of popcorn and bottles of water.

Kids came dressed in their pajamas and brought their sleeping bags or blankets to lay on. If you remembered to bring a canned food donation (I forgot), you also qualified for a raffle ticket. Fourth-graders Tristan Nollsch and Brooke Emery, and third-grader Terra Williams won video chairs donated by JM Furniture. It’s kind of an odd coincidence, but Brooke also won a movie basket with two movie rentals donated by the local Video Library and a lot of candy along with Ryan Hamilton and Raychel Allen. And Raychel Allen won an extra large pizza from the Pizza Factory.

Over 200 children and adults showed up for the event. Thanks to the PTO. When do we get to do it again? Mountain lion

She’s still here. I had a Johnson Lane resident call me Friday to say she had heard it growling near Sanden and Vicki. Here is what I know; mountain lions favorite food is deer. We all know we have deer here. The Nevada Department of Fish and Game deems an animal a public safety threat when the animal’s behavior is likely to injure humans or is in the proximity to schools, playground or other public gathering places. Sometimes the cats are carrying diseases that cause them to act in an abnormal way. Diseases like feline leukemia or rabies will make them more bold. It has become more common for mountain lions to attack pets and livestock. So watch your pets and keep them safe. It is said that people are a thousand times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be attacked by a mountain lion but remember we moved here into their territory. I would say, carry an air horn and/or a gun, if your out hiking Hot Springs mountain or the top side of Johnson Lane. Why take any chances?

If anyone else has information on this female mountain lion with one or two baby cubs, give me a call, I’d love to hear more stories.

— Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane

resident and can be reached at 267-9350