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When good people do nothing


I have lived here in the Gardnerville area now for almost nine years. I felt this was a caring and friendly town until Oct. 22, when I had an experience that changed my feelings. I went to get gas at the Arco AM/PNM in Minden at 1:30-2 p.m. As I was coming out of the store to pay for my gas, I started walking to my car when a white pickup with a double cab backed into me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I yelled and tried to get their attention, but had no response. There also was a man parked behind me when it happened who saw everything. He did not get out of his truck to try and help me, or ask if I was OK. Since I wasn’t hurt, but was in total disbelief about what had happened, I started walking to my car. The pickup that backed into me left, and the gentlemen who saw everything pulled up and went to pay for his gas. No one stopped to ask if I was OK. I did talk to the manager of the Arco the next day to see if the camera picked up a license plate of the truck that backed into me. He really didn’t make any effort to help me and just said, “that’s how people are nowadays.”

The man who saw what happened did tell the cashier what he saw, but he left no name. Just because I was walking and seemed OK, doesn’t excuse these people from asking me “Can I help?” or “Are you hurt?” It make you wonder what this society is coming to. It’s not good. People need to wake up and take responsibility for their actions. If these people are out there reading this, in future please take the time to be good, responsible, caring people and help others. This could happen to you.

Katherine Lima