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Wheeler’s residency


The Record-Courier Oct. 2 article regarding the complaint filed against Assemblyman Wheeler by former Assemblyman Kite raises a few questions.

Why, since residency has been a major issue in several of our past elections, is that issue being raised at this time? Surely if there was any concern about it you would have heard about it during the election period.

The article states a report detailed three days when Mr. Wheeler’s vehicle was spotted at the home of Wheeler’s girlfriend in Washoe County.

Whether he spent three days on a business trip, a vacation in the Caribbean, or at his girlfriend’s home, what has it to do with the residency issue?

In the article Mr. Kite states, “I took no pleasure in it, but it was something I felt somebody had to do, and I didn’t want somebody else to do something I was afraid to do myself.”

Mr. Kite also stated, “I was given a report by a private investigator.”

Big questions … Who hired the private investigator and why?

Sanford Deyo