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Wheeler subject to organized attack


Assemblyman Jim Wheeler upholds the Constitution: Government of, by and for the people. The illustration of slavery was unfortunate and should have been defused at the origin.

But like many politicians including Obama, Sandoval, Heller, Reid, Assemblyman Wheeler got caught up in the discussion of his issue — working for the voters of District 39 — without taking in the explosiveness of the illustration.

Would he vote for slavery? Of course not. That was never the issue, but there is an ugly face to politics.

I believe there is an organized attack against Assemblyman Wheeler because he does not kowtow to the PACs, lobbyists, special interest groups.

Why didn’t this incident hit the newspapers after it occurred in Storey County, earlier this year. Why now?

Why did the YouTube video suddenly evoke the media outrage now and not then? Organized assassination? This stinks.

I am appalled at what intelligent people are willing to believe. Republican or Democrat, our responsibility as voters and as responsible citizens is to examine the facts before we draw conclusions. it is interesting that Kelly Kite, former Assemblyman, is going to run against Wheeler in 2014.

He has also tried to uncover issues long ago addressed by the Legislature when Wheeler took office. Kelly Kite’s voting record both as a County Commissioner and an Assemblyman demonstrated his leaning to the PACs, special interests and lobbies. This is a good lesson for the freshman assemblyman and I pray he will learn well and continue to keep my interests in the forefront.Elaine Smith