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Wheeler not voting for slavery


Jim Wheeler is never going to vote for or against slavery. This brouhaha is a dream-come-true for Jim’s political opponents. Take a conservative man’s principled position of being loyal to his constituent’s wishes, and turn it into a phony argument to insinuate that he is a racist.

Why is this happening to Jim? It is because Jim will not vote to raise taxes. He will not betray his constituents. A politician like Jim is a threat to the Progressive Leadership Alliance as well as Republicans who depend on crony capitalism.

We know that most politicians cannot resist the temptation of raising taxes. Kelly Kite, who may be Jim’s 2014 Republican primary opponent, makes no secret that he will raise taxes if he is elected. When Kelly Kite was in the Nevada Assembly, Kelly voted against the sunsetting of $712 million of taxes in 2011.

We are fortunate to have Jim Wheeler representing us in the Assembly. Please join me in supporting Jim Wheeler for District 39 Assembly.

Jeanne Shizuru