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Wheeler kept promise


In today’s political environment, it’s rare that elected officials keep their campaign promises let alone stand up and fight for conservative ideals as a “minority party” legislator. Assembly District 39 (Douglas, Storey and part of Lyon Counties) has such legislator. During the 2012 elections I had the privilege to campaign with Republican Jim Wheeler as he spread his message of conservatism throughout AD39. He listened to voters as they voiced their concerns about the lack of true conservative leadership while our state and country struggle with a progressive agenda. We can ill afford to have more than half the USA on the dole with the liberals seizing every opportunity to grow the government through entitlement programs. The size of government keeps multiplying while our national debt spirals out of control. Thank God we have voices like Jim Wheeler fighting to limit government and to live within our means. Jim held the line on government growth and delivered on his promise to vote against all new taxes. The Nevada Policy Research Institute has recently published its Review & Report Card for all state legislators. All conservatives in AD39 should be proud that freshman Assemblyman Jim Wheeler was given very high marks by NPRI in the 2013 legislative session. In fact, Assemblyman Wheeler’s rating was almost 60 percent higher than his Republican predecessor. To learn more about Jim and his political philosophy, please visit his website at http://www.wheeler4nevada.org and subscribe to his newsletter and stay up to date with current events at the State Legislature.

If you are interested in speaking with Jim on a personal basis, you should consider attending the Nevada Heritage Day at the Dangberg Ranch on Oct. 12 from noon until 4 p.m. This event is sponsored by the Douglas County Republican Central Committee to help celebrate Nevada’s sesquicentennial. You can mingle with our federal, state and local elected officials and enjoy a ranch style BBQ, live country music, tours of the Dangberg museum, and a presentation by local historian and author Bob Ellison who will speak about the 1851 Carson Valley government and how it help lead up to Nevada’s statehood. For reservations, go to the Central Committee’s website at http://www.douglasgop.org.

Larry Walsh