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Wheeler in the way


Larry Walsh writes in his letter to The Record-Courier that he is proud of Assemblyman Jim Wheeler for keeping his promise to “fight for conservative ideas” in a state and country that is struggling with a progressive agenda. There is no such thing as conservative ideas, unless obstruction is considered an idea. Mr. Walsh states that we can “ill afford to have more than half the country on the dole,” you know Social Security and disability. Say didn’t that guy with the Ronnie Reagan hairdo say the same thing, and then lost the presidential election? The liberals are “seizing” the opportunity to grow the government through entitlement programs? We just went through a recession. The right has cut federal jobs, state jobs (teachers, fire and police) and now want to cut food stamps. Live within our means? You miss a major economic principle followed in this country for years. Tte fiscal multiplier (the change brought about by government spending to national income) simply put government spends on roads and infrastructure, and income increases…more money for all.

Mr. Walsh points out that Mr. Wheeler gets high marks from the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Who is this organization? Nevada Policy Research Institute is a private nonprofit, limited-government policy research organization. In other words they promote “Turning Back the Clock on Prosperity and Progress.”

Conservatives ideas? The Libertarians, tea party types, wingnut reactionaries and obstructionists want to shut down our government, not pay our incurred bills and defund the federal healthcare law. With no alternative, but 32 million people without insurance and healthcare cost going up. Promising to do nothing but obstruct is not honorable nor virtuously People will pay a price for putting political obstruction over progress in a time that is so critical and urgent.

Jerry Denis Sullivan