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Wheeler facing a dirty fight


Assemblyman Jim Wheeler kept his campaign promises, delivering an unapologetically pro-gun, fiercely anti-tax record in his first legislative year. In addition he was a fearless scold, calling out those in his own party who lurched to the left.

That’s a problem for the RINO Republican establishment caucus; they don’t like it when Wheeler reminds them of the platform they ran on. They glorify themselves by spending taxpayer money, just like the Democrats. But the RINOs can’t get rid of Wheeler by opposing him on the issues.

So they took the quick and dirty path, recruiting the former AD39 seat warmer as the public face of their character assassination campaign.

They apparently convinced this tool that he could throw dirt without getting any on himself, while riding a wave of sanctimony back into office. But the voters aren’t likely to rehire a tax-raiser who got his campaign cash from a Vegas white shoe law firm.

So the RINO caucus has jumped on a two-month-old video of a Wheeler town hall meeting dug up by their Democrat friends, which according to Democrat JoEtta Brown’s letter (R-C 11-1) makes Wheeler unfit for office.

First, that’s a bit rich coming from the party that not so long ago elevated the Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Byrd, to its elder statesman and President of the Senate. The Democrats have no credibility on the topic of racial insensitivity.

Second, compare Wheeler’s hyperbole to Sen. Reid calling Obama a “light-skinned” African American with “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one”. Google every putative Republican who’s calling for Wheeler’s head to see how much they protested Reid’s buffoonish comment.

This fight is headed to the Republican primary and it won’t be clean. If you’re a conservative who isn’t registered Republican because you don’t like where the party has gone, this is your chance to save a true conservative from getting slimed out of office. Re-register Republican so you can vote in the primary and send Jim Wheeler a contribution.

Lynn Muzzy