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Wheeler a good friend


Do you remember when you met that “friend,” that friend that you still like, and are making new memories with?

Well I met a guy a few years ago, who had some campaign signs that needed to be put up and he had a bum shoulder and needed help.

As we rode around Douglas, Storey and Lyon County putting up the signs we talked about many things.

We were about the same age and had grown up in different parts of the country, but had experienced many of the same things such as time in the U.S. Air Force, cars and other important and unimportant events. To make a long story short we got along, and I found that I liked him.

He is a person who could never vote to enslave anyone. Comments that he made were meant to assure that he would represent the people in their district. The positions that he would take would be based on the information available.

His name is Jim Wheeler, Nevada State Assemblyman District 39. You can tell a person by the animals they keep, in Jim’s case three horses, three dogs, of different sizes and temperament, but all lovable and as he says “one very brave cat.”

Lee Rathbun