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What’s next with Park?

With county commissioners’ approval of the swap of 1,044 acres of receiving area and a development agreement for the Park property north of Minden, the question is what’s next?

While the agreement settles a lawsuit over the Klauber Ranch denial and potential legal action over the previous Muller Lane agreements, we can’t imagine a world where some sort of litigation won’t follow Tuesday’s approval. If the agreement survives legal challenge, then access will be the first step.

The county has six years to fund, design and build Muller Lane Parkway, so that work will have to be done somehow. If history is any indication, it will be right up to the last minute in 2026.

There are several large projects in the Valley that have yet to see a single shovelful of earth turned.

Many approvals from the early part of the century have yet to be built. The most obvious is the Virginia Ranch project located behind the Gardnerville Walmart.

Carson Valley Inn owner Mike Pegram is the only large landholder who’s actually putting an approval in action near the intersection of Highway 88 and 395.

It could be he’s waiting for Muller Lane Parkway to be built to move forward on the approvals he already has.

So why aren’t more houses going up in Douglas County? There’s apparently a demand for housing, since it’s near impossible to find a rental here.

There are a few small projects that have gone forward besides Pegram’s, but very little of the multi-family housing approved in the county two years ago has been built.

It could be related to the amount of construction going on in areas further north. Both Reno and Carson are experiencing significant housing growth. The construction industry took a big hit from the recession, so that might be a factor.

The market is the real wildcard in all of this. Since it was settled, Douglas County has seen boom and bust. Only history will show whether Tuesday’s decision was significant, or just another mirage.