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What will your resolution be?

Record Courier Staff Reports

Happy New Year! I asked some of the first-grade children in the Johnson Lane area what their New Year’s resolution will be. OK, first I had to explain what a resolution was. After thinking about it for a few minutes this is what they told me; Cole said, “I’m not going to be mean to my mom.” Hannah said “I’m going to make my bed every morning.” John said, “I’m going to play football.” Lauren said she doesn’t want to have to turn her bear at school (that’s like when you get in trouble). Kira said she is going to try and keep her room clean. Sarah said, “I’m going to try and get out of bed on time, in the morning.” McKenna said she was going to exercise more and try to color within the lines. Will said he’s going to swim more and be more active. Jenee told me she’d try to keep her room clean.

Our son Garrett is coming home on leave from the Navy tonight for 10 days, and when I asked what his resolutions were going to be, he said “I’m going to remember to duck, when I go through the hatch on the aircraft carrier.” Explanation: his first day on ship, he conked his head on a pipe and had to have stitches. He’s 6-foot-5-inches. Good thing he’s not assigned to a submarine.

I have given up on the normal resolutions – lose 10 pounds or exercise more. Last year I committed to using the change at the bottom of my purse at the drive-through line, before breaking a bill. The cashier thinks this resolution takes too long. The year before, I vowed to drink a glass of V8 every morning. I quit after the year because I decided it had too much sodium in it. What will your resolution be?

Piñon Hills choir

Last week we attended a wonderful Christmas concert at Piñon Hills Elementary School conducted by the music teacher, Heather Kuehner. “The Joy of Song” was standing-room-only and we were packed in the multi-purpose room like sardines. The children sang so beautifully. The sixth grade even sang “Silent Night” in English, Hawaiian, German, Spanish and Dutch. What a wonderful production, and it’s available to purchase for only $2 for those of you who want to have a copy. I brought my camcorder, planning to film the event. Right! I was lucky to be able to scoot through the crowd to get a couple of pictures. Thank you Heather, for the great evening.

10th anniversary

Today is my husband and my, 10th anniversary. You would think by now we would know each other pretty well. We decided to buy new wedding bands, nothing fancy, but that we could wear on a regular basis. But, what did he buy me, an air compressor. In return I made his favorite dessert. Here is my secret recipe: Mix one small box of coconut cream instant pudding with the two cups of milk, add one tub of Cool Whip-type whipped topping to the pudding. In a lasagna pan, put down one layer of graham crackers. Then add a layer of the pudding mixture. Add another layer of graham crackers and the pudding mixture two more times. Now you have three layers of each. Top with two cans of cherry pie filling and refrigerate for one hour. Now, that’s a way to any man’s heart. Happy anniversary honey.

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.