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What will Walmart do?


With all the recent talk about the possibility of a new Walmart coming to Gardnerville, I wanted to share a story with you and ask you, “Would this happen at Walmart?”

Last Friday, after a long week at work, I went to Scolari’s to buy groceries for the weekend. I have been shopping at Scolari’s for 15 years, and much to my children’s embarrassment know many employees by name.

On this particular Friday, I was very excited about my son coming home from college for the weekend. As I went through the checkout line, Renay, the cashier, and I were sharing our week and weekend plans.

I had used my ATM/Debit card to pay for the purchase and asked for $25 in cash back in anticipation of my son needing gas money. It was not until Saturday afternoon when the much anticipated question was asked, “Mom, can I have a few bucks for gas?”

As I was looking in my wallet I realized that the $25 I thought was in there, was not. I began questioning whether or not I had indeed gotten my $25 cash back. As it turned out, by the time I realized the fact that I had left without the money, Renay had been investigating the very same thing. She had gone through her cash-back transactions and realized that she had forgotten to give me the money. When she realized it was me, she looked up my phone number and called to verify. She apologized and said she would keep my $25 in an envelope at the store for me to pick up the next time I came in. It would have been all too easy for her to pocket the money, but she did not. Thank-you Renay.

I must admit, I do shop at Walmart as well. But, the personal service and dedication that the Scolari’s store offers is invaluable to me.

I appreciate the fact that they make me feel that I am a welcomed and valued customer whenever I am in the store. Thank you for continuing to offer friendly, hometown service in a world of big business attitudes. I will continue to do the majority of my grocery shopping at Scolari’s and challenge you to ask yourself, “Would this have happened at Walmart?”

Teresa Tompkins