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What should have been

A $16.9 million bid was awarded for the Douglas County Community & Senior Center center on Thursday. Construction of the facility will be completed somewhere between Christmas 2014 and Valentine’s Day 2015.We’ve heard from a couple of quarters that this isn’t the right time to build the center.The Record-Courier has long supported construction of a new center, and in our opinion the right time to do it was when commissioners first voted in favor of it in January 2006.At the time, the center would have cost county taxpayers $11.9 million using a variety of taxes.But after residents raised a stink, commissioners backed off and put the funding mechanisms on the ballot, where they were rejected. Interestingly, part of the utility operating fee that voters denied for use on the senior center was approved the following year to help balance the county budget.Five years and $6 million later, county commissioners, bolstered by support from seniors, voted in favor of the center.We believe that people should have their say in these matters, but sometimes the definition of leadership is a willingness to do something despite opposition.On the other hand, we get the feeling that for many of the folks who say it’s the wrong time, the right time will never come along.We thank county commissioners for supporting construction of the center, and we congratulate proponents of the center for their perseverance in the face of opposition. Here’s hoping that everyone in Carson Valley will get to enjoy it, no matter what side of the debate they were on.