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What price a sound check?

So if the Beatles tribute band Imagine played “Tax Man,” could that be construed as a political message?

Douglas County Democrats were riled by the potential that the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity might use the Concerts in the Park to do a little proselytizing.

The Friday evening concerts in Minden Park are popular events put on by the Douglas County Parks & Recreation Department with the help of corporate and other sponsors.

The only reason the county is able to continue offering the concerts, which draw hundreds of people to Minden, is due to the sponsors, who contribute the lion’s share of the costs.

But while much appreciated, a sponsorship is pretty much its own reward.

The county’s Parks & Recreation Department generally skips offers from candidates engaged in specific campaigns. Presumably, that would include the political parties, as well.

But if, say, Planned Parenthood sought to sponsor one of the concerts, we would certainly expect that the county would leap at the opportunity.

As long as Americans for Prosperity are satisfied with the name check, we have no objection to the county cashing their checks.

And we hope that organizations in similar situations are treated the same way should they approach the county with an offer.